Darjeeling are Jan, Markus & Till. Knowing each other from school, they play music filled with clever songwriting, harmonious singing and bold arrangements. Darjeeling are halfway heirs of 70‘s Kraut music, half boy band and half Indie-Psychedelia. On stage you won’t find the band thinking about the unmusical parts of life: In between adolescent dreaminess, infantile chuckling and repetitive brachiality; casually ecstatic, sometimes on almost pop-musical excursions, but always on point and time with a decent f*** you in direction of boredom, the group delights live – uncompromisingly. Reverberant voices, flanger- and tremolo-pierced delay guitars and a cheap Italian organ top off the band’s unconventional style. Live member Thorben Doege complements the band on drums. He is on and with his instrument an indispensable part of Darjeeling.


*Deze act is geprogrammeerd in het kader van Euregion Music Exchange, een project van Pop in Limburg, popNRW en PXL-Music, ondersteund door het INTERREG-programma.

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